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There are countless media sources and messaging tools available to us every day — Clash is a new concept in creating messages that incorporates media exploration.

Clash links to all types of audio content, from music, movies and TV, YouTube, and historic speeches. Each source is broken down to the single word and categorized.

The media becomes your playground. Mix and match your clips however you see fit, making a clip mashup — a Clash.

The ways to use Clash, with more on the way!
Type a message into Clash and receive randomly selected clips and phrases from popular media sources. Rollover for details of where they were pulled, and click to cycle through other options.
Once you discover your favorite clips in Clash, add them to a button for quick playing when the time is right. Add many clips, or just one. Share your button to say what you want.
Thousands of clips and counting...
The Clash library is gathered from a full range of popular media sources. Clips from your favorite tv and movie quotes, from today's top 10 on the pop chart, to the best songs from the 50s. From iconic presidential speeches to YouTube celebrities. We are constantly finding the best audio content and making it available, down to the single word.
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The Latest Additions
With new content added daily, you never know what will be next. Here are some of the latest additions bringing our total to:
- clips from - sources
About Clamp Studios
Over the years, outside of everyday agency life, many designers and developers find a creative outlet through pet projects. Clamp Studios and its projects are a result of just that. Created by Phillip Pastore, design technologist at Droga5, Clamp Studios has released several award winning interactive experiences.
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